Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Show ........

What do you get when you cross a pom-pom wielding pig with a desperate bride, a learning annex addict from ashkenazipouristan with a shy voting booth robot, an evangelical skin preacher with a southern cesarean singer, and a tarot reading eleven year-old with a reluctant number queen?

‘Yes And’ in their line up of deeply-spirited and highly-irreverent pieces woven together in their latest production: “Out of the Box”.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Craig Ng

After many years of playing "goons, thugs, hit men, punks, "bad guys", tattoo artists and Eskimos in films and television… Craig decided to face one of his biggest fears and venture to the stage. Where there are no second takes~ but great chances to say "yes" to what the moment brings and "and" to what he can add to the moment~ this "Yes" has brought him to be a member in various theatre/movement groups: Trip Dance Theatre, Collage Dance Theatre, Rosanna Gamson World Wide and "Commit". Currently he is working with Rachel Rosenthal's "Tohubohu" and of course "Yes And" Craig also offers creative expression workshops.  Please

Outi Harma

First of all, there is nothing actually wrong with Outi, she talks that way because she is originally from Finland. Her passions include making art, exploring the absurd onstage, drinking raw milk and bending the rules . In addition to her work with "Yes And," Outi is currently a member of Rachel Rosenthal's TohuBohu.

Outi's artwork:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kara Masters

i love dancing ~ i have an m.a. in dance and have been blessed to perform with various companies in various cities … blah blah blah … 

i love singing ~ i croon with my kitty, cosmo, cypress, anna, grandmom … on stage is still an outrageous edge for me … 

i love music (no-brainer with the loves for dancing and singing) ~ i spin tunes as dj seven for fathom …

i love chocolate ~ i make raw organic truffles, and if you’re a fiend too, talk to me after the show … 

i love laughing and friends ~ out of the box with yes and is right up my alley and, god, i’m grateful … 

for more:

Doug Hammett

Doug Hammett comes from a background of painting, sculpture, and conceptual installations: MFA from Art Center College of Design. He blends his training in music/percussion with the world of form and color to create performance works for stage. Theater groups have include The Invisible Theater (Men’s Theater for Men) ,CommiT (Camille Maurine’s Moving Theater), Fauve Conspiracy under the direction of Rachel Rosenthal, and now with Yes And.

Youtube: Tiny Boxes (With Craig, Doug, and Outi)

Julie Greenfield

I am happiest on stage making people laugh or sitting on a zafu in a silent meditation retreat. No extremes here.

In this life, i have been salesgirl, massage therapist, therapist, sign language interpreter, wife, divorcee, Buddhist, happy, unhappy, nomadic, panicked, seeker, dancer, hiker, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, counselor, girlfriend, actress, baby, woman, and other stuff.

I like improvisational theater because of the freedom I feel to be outrageously, if not inappropriately, honest and not get in trouble for it.